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At Elite Africa, we understand that with vision requires strategy
and we’re here to bring the value you deserve at the pace you need.

Success Matters
We believe that when you have a good business, it's essential that you thrive.
Strategy Is Needed
Having the vision is just one step... so we make it our goal to give you the steps and strategies along the way.
Growth Is Essential
And as your business consulting partner, we are dedicated to your success and your sustainability.
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Elite Africa is a tailored business consulting firm specializing in effective business development, management consulting and strategic planning & execution for Ghana based companies and others through-out Africa.

Our Success

Expertise Matters When Results Are Needed

Our Conclusion
We understand that in business the VISION is just as important as the EXECUTION. Therefore, we tailor each consulting approach to the unique needs of our clients not withholding the 17 years of experience we bring to the table.
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Today's Youth.. .. Tomorrow's Leaders

Next Level Teen
Is Underway

If you or your youth is between ages of 14 and 19, then we have what you need to learn, grow and apply what is necessary to be competitive and ready for the world around you. Next Level Teen is an initiative dedicated to helping the youth in being innovative, creative and impactful to their community and the world they live in. 

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Global Expertise in a Local Setting

Meet Our Expert

Ciara Lewin

Principal Consultant

Ciara has over 17 years serving as a Principal Business Consultant for companies globally. Based in Accra, Ghana but originating from Seattle, WA USA, Ciara brings her global expertise to local companies within Ghana. Whether you are a small start up company or a large corporation, having an experienced and seasoned business consulatnt in your corner is necessary to scale and expand your business operations.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We believe that our greatest victory is determining by our least satisfied client
and therefore we place high value on delivering value at an affordable price
Working with Elite Africa has allowed my vision to come to reality. The way they gave me guidance on how to run and operate my business is just what I've been looking for.
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Having a team of global experts expanded my vision on where my company can go and how I can be more competitive in the industry.
Thank you!
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Oil and Mining
Ciara is an invaluable asset and has been paramount in growing my healthcare facility in Ghana.

You are truly an answered prayer.
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